Note to Xiaoxiong

Replay, Dota 6.51

February 23, 2008 5:04PM EST

Dear Xiaoxiong,

Below are some DOTA replays.

The first replay, below, is a 5v5 AP (All Pick) game one in which I picked Lich. "All Pick" means that people can pick their hero from either side, Sentinel (bottom left team) or Scourge (top right team). There are 4 buildings on Scourge and 4 buildings on Sentinel from which to pick heroes. Notice that many of my allies did "-random" at the beginning, which means they were given a random hero and more gold in the beginning.

The items are a very important part of DOTA, and unfortunately it's difficult to see in a replay how people create items--you would probably have to start a Single Player game and experiment with items to see how they are made. There are 6 buildings from which to buy basic items, and 4 buildings from which to buy (and describe) item recipes. The item build will be different for every hero, and if you are going to play DOTA, I recommend that you pick a hero and memorize a good item build for that hero until you get very good at it, before moving on to another hero or another item build.

As Lich this game, I went a VERY aggressive item build, which many people would consider to be "stupid." Most people buy a hit-point-increasing item or a health regeneration item as their first item, which is a very good idea. In this game, I happened to know that our team was much better than the enemy team, so I had some fun with an aggressive item build.

During the battle, I played a very aggressive style which made me almost die many, many times. Again, I was having fun because I did not fear that we would lose. Notice that there are "creeps" that spawn in three lanes from both sides, that consist of ghouls, trees, talons, and necros. These are controlled by the computer. Each player controls one hero, with few exceptions. There are also ways to control other units in the game, such as "chickens" that can carry items, and sometimes one can control a limited number of creeps that have been possessed or summoned in some way.

Without any more delay, here is the replay! Enjoy!


The first file is the custom map, to be placed in your "Warcraft III\Maps\Download" folder.

Map: DotAAllstarsv6.51.w3x (please save it as "DotA Allstars v6.51.w3x")

Replay: 2008-02-233_10_13AM.w3g

Other Replays

Below are a few more replays that were not good quality games. People rudely left the game too early.

This is one where I was Lich again, but an enemy left the first time we killed him:


Here is one where I was Sniper, and it was a VERY good game at the beginning--I was scared we might lose this one. This is a good example of me using a chicken to buy items. By the way, I'm not a maphacker, I simply made a lucky guess that they were coming to "gank" me at one point in this game: