Map and Directions

April 19, 2008

The celebration of the marriage of

Katherine Hui-Hsin Yuan


Joshua "Mitch" Madison Franklin


Ceremony and Reception

Travel and Lodging

The Bride and Groom

The Family

The Maids and Men

The Players

Map and Directions



Be warned, some of the roads do not have signs, and many of the roads have changed names recently, so we highly recommend following our directions. Most guests will come from the east, as there is very little to the west of Angier, North Carolina, where the wedding will be held at Barclay Villa.

1. Imagine you are seeking a lost castle in the countryside.

2. Some of the roads may not have signs, so follow the distances carefully and use the landmarks to your advantage.

3. Coming from Raleigh on I-40 East, be sure to stay on I-40 by keeping right as you pass exit 301.

4. Take exit 319 (NC 210).

5. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto NC 210 West. Go 7.6 miles.

6. Turn left at a blinking signal, onto Old Stage Road. Go 3.6 miles (this includes a stop sign).

7. Turn left at unsigned road just before a water tower (Langdon Road).

8. Take the first left at Popes Lake road. Barclay Villa is on the right at 104 Popes Lake Road, Angier NC. Parking is across the street.

If you will be using a map program on the web, we recommend using Google Maps to Barclay Villa via I-40 from the Triangle area. Using I-40 and following our directions using the landmarks will be a tried-and-true way to go. Also, many other map systems have conflicting road names--please use our directions, possibly supplemented by the link above using Google Maps via I-40, and you should be fine.


The airport is between Raleigh and Durham. For your reference, here is a link to map showing the airport in relation to Barclay Villa, the starting point A being the airport: Map, Airport to Barclay Villa via I-40.

Our Home

For your reference, our home is on Tecumseh Court in Cary, NC.