April 19, 2008

The celebration of the marriage of

Katherine Hui-Hsin Yuan


Joshua "Mitch" Madison Franklin


Ceremony and Reception

Travel and Lodging

The Bride and Groom

The Family

The Maids and Men

The Players

Map and Directions



We would be delighted to simply see you on our wedding day, and you are not expected to bring a gift. We have most of the items that we need to "set up house," and we love the simple life. If you would like to contribute to an organization like Stop Hunger Now in lieu of a gift, we would be delighted.

For those who insist on giving something, we hope to buy blinds and flooring, to which gift certificates from Lowes Hardware would contribute. We are also registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as registry number 3789943. Target is another favorite store of ours.